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How to REMOVE JAMF MDM Profiles on your Mac by getting around centralized controls

Ever want to NOT be monitored or get past the controls that are keeping you out o

Disabling MDM Profiles MacOS


Here is a "run book" that will inform individuals on how to bypass security controls on your "managed" Mac Laptop or Desktop. This works for both the Intel and M1 Mac's.

There are many posts about this already however; I do believe this information should be transparent and easy to understand in order for the companies to finally fix issues that are known for both individual privacy and eavesdropping concerns. The ease to bypass security controls allows for many bad things to happen from both the end users or the companies who are attempting to control their endpoints.

NOTE: Look up the word "ETHICS" and do not be a jerk or use this for EVIL reasons. This also may violate company policies in your organization so if you so choose to try this out do so with caution.

I do not accept any liability for what you do with this. This is for informational purposes only!

Common words that will help a NOOB out!


nounplural noun: privileges a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group. "education is a right, not a privilege"

Administrator Access

A user account that allows one to make changes to the Local System in order to bend your computer to your will.

​Local Access

The ability to have the computer in front of you with, turned on and the ability to login to it.


nutshell noun nut·​shell ˈnət-ˌshel 1:the hard external covering in which the kernel of a nut is enclosed 2: something of small size, amount, or scope


The thing that you type "commands" or words that do things into


Mobile device Management that allows companies and schools to monitor, allow access or deny access to things that they do not want you to do, see or interact with. Cloaked as Security and Privacy controls.


A software framework that enables the MDM Administrators from a virtual location manage and, enable or disable your computer.


framework noun frame·​work ˈfrām-ˌwərk 1 a: a basic conceptional structure (as of ideas)the framework of the U.S. ConstitutionThese influences threaten the very framework of our society.b: a skeletal, openwork, or structural frameAn iron framework surrounds the sculpture.

JAMF and MDM in a Nutshell

JAMF is a software framework that allows your computer to be managed by a "third-party" which is USUALLY the company that you work for or the school that provided the computer to you.


Things that you need to have available, know or do before you start

Also known as: "Prerequisites"


  1. Local Administrator privileges WITH the Username and password

  2. The ability to open a "Terminal" window

  3. Local Access to your Mac for either Intel or M1 based MacOS managed computers


  1. How to follow directions on this page


Get them jamf profiles off your system

Into the System

  1. Enter system recovery mode:

    1. M1 Mac: Power on your mac and hold down the power button until it boots into the system recovery portal

    2. Intel Mac: Power on your mac and hold down the "command" + "R" buttons until you enter the system recovery portal

  2. Click on "Options" icon and login with your account with admin privileges

  3. Click Utilities Menu button at the top of the screen

  4. Select and Open the terminal

  5. Type in the command:

csrutils disable 

Restarting and Removing the Profiles

  1. Click on the Apple Menu icon and click restart

  2. after the computer restarts login with your usual account

  3. Click on the Apple Menu icon and click on "System Preferences"

  4. Click on "Security and Privacy"

  5. Click on the "padlock" on the bottom Left of the window

  6. Enter your admin user credentials

  7. Click on the "Privacy" button

  8. Click on the "Developer Tools" Icon on the Left hand panel

  9. Select the "Terminal" icon and save your changes

  10. Open the terminal and type

'sudo -i' ( press enter and then type in your admin password when prompted)
'rm -r /var/db/ConfigurationProfiles' (press enter)

Verify and get the security protection re-enabled

  1. Restart your computer

  2. Verify that the Profiles Icon is GONE!

  3. Once confirmed then go back into the system restore and re-enable "csrutils" and then restart your system again with the bellow command and by using the same clickie methods above :D

csrutils enable (press enter)

Hope this helps. And if there is any clarity that I can provide please reach out to me at PANDA [AT] SLothPandas DOT COM

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